Keep Your Workforce & Community Safe

Mobile Xpress Clinics was founded by BioTech leaders to expand access to affordable and accurate COVID-19 testing.

​Our mission is to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic, and help keep our communities, functional, healthy, and safe.

Our Story
COVID-19 changed our lives as executives and scientists within the healthcare industry. We evaluated options to keep our employees safe and working during the pandemic. The data show that infection is spread by symptomatic as well as asymptomatic patients and that early diagnostics is required. 

We implemented COVID-19 testing in our own labs and offered it to employees. The impact on morale and the work environment was tremendous. People feel safer, since we know the health status of each employee. No test is error free, so we still implemented social distancing and reduced staff working with minimal amount of staffing per shift. 

Based on our own lab’s experience we decided our next step was to bring the test to as many people as possible. We think that the testing must come rapidly to communities today. Mobile Xpress Clinics aims to bring testing to wherever it is needed.

Our Team
Mobile Xpress Clinics was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from the San Diego Healthcare Industry: virologists with experience in high-safety laboratory operations (BSL3), molecular biologists and scientists with diagnostic development experience, software developers, engineers, logistics and supply chain experts, regulatory specialists, CLIA laboratory operators,  and diagnostic test providers.