We have an extensive network of experts to make an impact on projects to achieve your goals. Each project requires a team of experts, and we can access them. Market assessment, Scientific, Product Development, In/Out- Licensing, Prototyping, Intellectual Property, Global Distribution and Legal.

Judy Muller-Cohn Ph.D.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs in the banking world she followed her passion of biology and sustainable living. She developed technologies to improve food production and developed technologies that are inspired by nature.  She is an expert of leading  start-up companies from idea, funding and development to impacting global markets. She has a passion for helping to apply technology to create a sustainable world. She obtained her Doctorate in microbial biochemistry at the Pasteur Institute, in Paris.

Rolf Muller Ph.D.

Rolf has a life long passion for entrepreneurship.  From the start of sequencing his first virus  27 years ago  he is  exploring  and developing molecular biology technologies that help to shape and revolutionize  the field of biotechnology.  He is a  seasoned entrepreneur experienced in starting, funding and growing  biotech companies  to further the field of healthcare and personalized medicine. He obtained his Doctorate in biochemistry and molecular virology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.